Room 111

"Are the Stars Out Tonight?"

The story of the famous Ambassador and Cocoanut Grove, "Hollywood's Hotel." A book by Margaret Tante Burk.

The second edition of the important book and a promotional collage by Margaret are shown in the images. Below are some excerpts from the prologue by Margaret, who preserved a part of Los Angeles history on her own:

"The Ambassador's saga reflects that of changing times, of Los Angeles' growth and expansion... her highs and lows and the good and the bad. While dispatching as a hotel's vital and traditional services, the Ambassador has contributed to the continuity of the city's development, aided in thrilling career and business dreams becoming reality, as the standard bearer hotel of the West has made history via its international use and recognition, thereby creating a Los Angeles Window to the World."

"My love affair with the Ambassador Hotel began before "ever I saw her face". It was in the late thirties when all over America, every Saturday night at parties in our own living rooms we danced to music of Freddy Martin, Phil Harris, Ozzie Nelson, Rudy Vallee, Hal Kemp, Orrin Tucker, Horace Heidt, and all of the other marvelous bands broadcasting "coast to cost from the world-famous, star-studded Cocoanut Grove in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles..."

"Why self-publishing? Because no self respecting publisher could tolerate the delays which developed when old memories and new material was received and exciting hotel activities still were taking place daily, thus pushing farther and farther ahead the emergence of the book. A paralysis to progress, thus the only solution was to publish "Stars" myself. A cut-off date was hard to determine..."