Room 110

Margaret Tante Burk's extraordinary times at the Ambassador

Margaret Tante Burk directed press relations for the Ambassador from 1969 until its official closing in 1989. Throughout her twenty year career there, she coordinated hundreds of public and private events in the hotel's twenty ballrooms. From international diplomatic meetings to local book clubs, from exclusive Hollywood parties to senior beauty pageants, she was the face of the Ambassador, and liaison between the public and the many social, political, and cultural luminaries who passed through the hotel in its final decades.

We met Margaret for the first time in 2005 at the hotel's estate auction. At the age of 87, she continued to be a spokesperson for the Ambassador, presenting and preserving its history. She has graciously opened up her own archive of the Ambassador for our research and to share with you.

The photos in this room highlight Margaret's encounters with many luminaries who visited the hotel spanning over two decades -- from columnist Walter Winchell, Apollo X astronauts Eugene Cernan, John Young, Thomas Stafford, musician Bobby Darin, David Eisenhower (grandson of President Eisenhower), Iranian ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi, Queen Sofia & King Juan Carlos I of Spain, Ronald & Nancy Reagan, comedian Bob Hope, actor James Garner, Sylvester Stallone, Donald & Ivana Trump,
Los Angeles City Councilman John Ferraro, musician Duke Ellington to astronaut Neil Armstrong.

All photos in this room are courtesy of Margaret Tante Burk. Thank you Margaret! We miss you dearly.