Room 106


These wallpaper patterns were collected from the bungalows, guest rooms and hallways at the Ambassador, found before 2006 demolition. By the time we visited the hotel in 2005, the majority of the site had been cosmetically altered one way or another due to the heavy volume of film productions that had taken place since its closing in 1989. Most of the samples displayed here probably originate from such production sets as they were found in layers bearing many pinholes and other distress marks. However, the salmon-colored floral cloth swatch--found in one of the bungalows discolored and threadbare from age--seems to be an original.

If you have a collection of wallpaper, please take a photo and send us the image. We will add the example to this room in the archive. Or, if you recognize any of the patterns found here, we invite you to share your stories with us.