Room 102

Room Key

This key was given to me on September 10, 2005 during the Ambassador Hotel auction. I was there photo documenting the event, which I considered the first public memorial for the hotel. There were stacks and stacks of stationary waiting to be auctioned. Since many attended the auction out of nostalgia, and could not afford bidding on the major items, some, including me, would snatch a couple sheets of stationary for a keepsake.

During the event, a man introducing himself as a conspiracy theorist asked to trade footage with me. I was intrigued and agreed. He went on to purchase all the stationary pads for use in his investigation. At the end of the day, he demanded all six hours of my video footage in exchange for some notepads and a file folder, which he promised to send upon receipt of all of my footage.

I refused. Out of anger, he accused me of stealing his stationary, grabbed my purse and spilled out all the contents in public. Everyone on site was appalled. Out of sympathy and kindness, one of the workers gave me this key as another keepsake. Although I lost a few sheets of precious stationary, this key is something I truly treasure.

– Leisure Trip Productions