Welcome to the Ambassador Archive, an online project that documents the diverse experiences in and around the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Your participation is critical to the formation of this archive. If you or someone you know have stayed at, visited, or worked in the hotel; taken part in film productions there, partied at the Cocoanut Grove or one of the hotel's illustrious ballrooms, or caught a glimpse of the hotel from the street, your images and anecdotes will form the heart of the Ambassador Archive.

Share your memories of the Ambassador by contributing images, documents, and ephemera that reflect your experience at the historic Los Angeles locale. From vacation snapshots to pictures of formal gatherings, from film location shots to pictures of various mementos such as hotel souvenirs, invitations from special events, or correspondence on hotel postcards and notepads, you can submit your contributions through this website or via postmail. All materials will be documented digitally, added to the archive, and returned to you.

The aim of the Ambassador Archive is to represent a comprehensive range of perspectives on the Ambassador Hotel, and explore its connections to the cultural, social, and physical development of Los Angeles.

Thanks for visiting and please come again.

Stephen Hilger and Annie Shaw